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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  September 1, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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save them. why it wouldn't cost the taxpayers a penny. why some lawmakers say it is a change the state cannot afford. i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. allen martin is off tonight. less than a week after governor brown laid out his plan to attract new business to california, today we learned a major company is threatening to leave the state. and it would take hundreds of jobs with it. koula gianulias on why the business owner says he is fed up with all the red tape that comes with doing business here in california. >> over the last decade it has become extremely difficult to do business here. >> reporter: ceo ron middlestat says countless regulations and taxes could drive his business to text or nevada both actively soliciting his $5 billion company waste connections. california is the most challenging because of its leadership. >> the number one they need to do is get the legislature out of the process. there's a reality is that less government intervention, the more the private sector will
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create jobs. >> i'm proud to stand with my colleagues today to announce a critical policy change to help business. >> reporter: today leading democrats proposed a new law hoping to change california's business climate by cracking down on state regulations, evaluating their impact on businesses and jobs before they are implemented. >> california is serious about improving its business climbed by eliminating unnecessary obstacles to business creation and expansion. >> what a novel concept trying to figure out the cost and impact of regulation before you implement it rather than after. >> reporter: ron is eager to see how committed lawmakers are to performing regulations, particularly with another proposed bill ab-1178 that would impact regulations on the waste management industry. reporting in folsom, koula gianulias, cbs 5. california wants jobs but needs money more. now governor brown is questioning whether the state can afford amazon's offer to
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bring thousands of jobs to california. amazon offered to build two distribution centers here in california and create 7,000 jobs if legislators free to stop trying to force it to collect sales tax under a new law. but the governor is already counting on the revenue from the online retailer. >> we need more revenue, unless we are going to keep curbing schools, courts, corrections. >> governor brown is concerned amazon's offer would create a cash flow problem. amazon is trying to get the online sales tax law repealed. and storm business eveners in san francisco -- some business owners in san francisco's business district says escalating violence is affecting their bottom line. with two gang-related murders in less than 24 hours, people are not taking any chances. linda yee has more on what police are doing to try to curb this violence. linda. >> reporter: well, dana, those two gang-related murders within that 24-hour period have put police on high alert.
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within the last hour they have moved a big mobile command unit into the mission district to support the heavier police presence now. and this is parked just 50 feet away from where that first shooting happened this week. family and friends stood by the makeshift memorial another senseless shooting and murder. this team of a young husband and father -- this time, a young husband and father just finishing his shift as a cook. a neighborhood residents mourns for someone me doesn't know. >> this is terrible. i don't know what's happening to young people these days. >> reporter: the victim was not a gang member but his murder committed by gang members who thought he was a rival. now officers are saturating the streets that gangs fight over. >> we are actively patrol that area very heavily. we have uniformed officers patrolling the area very heavily and plainclothes
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officers out there right now. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after the shooting here and just a half mile away, investigators say a known gang member was shot to death late tuesday while walking his dog. this business owner, who did not want to appear on camera, said after three years of relative quiet, the violence among gang rivals has been escalating. >> yes. they are painting her walls a lot with signs, like saying we're back. >> reporter: gang task force investigators say the violence in the mission was at its worst in 2008. these latest shootings may signal a new conflict and they are working to stop it with increased patrols. >> the business is down. very down. >> reporter: salon owner francisco mata says the troubles are hurting business and he is closing earlier to stay safe. the violence has become so frightening, some feel like prisoner in their own homes. >> we are scared to be in the
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street, especially when you are senior and you have to do your shopping. >> reporter: the lieutenant in the gang task force told me tonight that he is not labeling this a gang war but that this conflict is something that comes in cycles. he is hoping with this increased presence here in the mission district, dana, they will stop it before it becomes worse. >> nip it in the bud. thank you, linda yee. in the meantime in oakland, mayor jean quan says the city there is starting to control violence. on a walking tour through some oakland businesses today, we asked her about the recent murders and robberies that have led to school lockdowns. she says police have been focusing on eight neighborhoods where 92% of all the city's violent crime takes place. >> shootings brought down, murder rate hasn't been eliminated but brought it down. >> at least 73 people have been murdered in oakland this year. that is down slightly from the
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same time last year. a veteran san jose police officer is once again in trouble with the law. he is accused of molesting two teenaged boys in his gilroy home. len ramirez on the concern that there may be even more victim. len. >> reporter: that's right. investigators are concerned about that, ken, because this officer involved in the molestation case worked in a high school setting for over 10 years. 44-year-old officer patrick d'arrigo was on duty at the san jose police department when gilroy police came to arrest him for multiple counts of child molestation. >> the officer is accused of inappropriately touching at least two victims that we so far have identified. >> reporter: the alleged acts of oral copulation with boys ages 15 and 17 occurred at d'arrigo's home in gilroy in 2008 and 2009. sources say d'arrigo would have parties at the home and supply teenagers with alcohol.
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>> did you search his residence. >> yes and evidence was obtained. >> reporter: there could be more victims that have not stepped forward, police fear, especially since he worked with teens as an on campus officer at leeland officer at almaden for two years. no other incidents have been reported but parents were angry. >> they have to be 10 times more careful about hiring that kind of people when they are directly working with our kids. that's in a trusted place which, you know, it should be the most trusted place at school. >> reporter: d'arrigo has had other problems during his 12 years with sjpd. he was fired in 2009 for allegedly helping to cover up a dui car crash by a fellow officer. but he appealed that termination and was later reinstated to full duties by an outside arbitrator. >> there might have been some technicalities in the investigations leading up to administrative leave and
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termination and so he was reinstated. he was given his job essentially with no restrictions. >> in 2007, there have been six police officers who the city of san jose has terminated that have been gently subsequently been reinstated it. >> reporter: he says firing an officer is difficult due to civil service protections even if the cause seems justified. do you feel this process has gotten out of hand? >> i don't know if i would say it's out of hand, but it is very disappointing when we believe someone has failed to meet our high standards and we are then forced to keep them as employees. >> reporter: d'arrigo is now free on $100,000 bond. he will be in court tomorrow to be arraigned on the counts of child molestation. three counts involving two boys. >> len ramirez in san jose tonight. thank you, lenny. turns out a cal state professor was leading a secret life. tonight he is a wanted man accused of heading up a meth
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ring. 43-year-old steven kinsey is a kinesiology professor at cal state san bernardino. he and his girlfriend are accused of distributing drugs to dealers throughout that city. miss say they found a pound of meth, rifle and handguns when they raided his home. kinzy is also accused of leading a chapter of the devils disciples motorcycle gang. >> reporter: two men in this parking garage had a really bad day. we'll show you the literal cliffhanger over the lunchtime crowd south of market. and a new plan to save california parks and it doesn't cost you a dime. why one bay area senator says this is a bad idea. it's word of mouth. >> feel better and keep the weight off? the common ingredient more and more people are giving up even though they don't have to. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dangling from a san francisco parking garage. a dramatic scene this afternoon, a cliffhanger of sorts. a car left dangling from a san francisco parking garage. joe vazquez has a unique vantage point on this near disaster. he is on the fourth floor of the moscone parking garage with what exactly happened. joe. >> reporter: dana, this is how a bad day gets even worse. the battery died on this car. it was out of control flying down the ramp. it crashes through a barrier here. the car actually stalls up here but the barrier goes down to the sidewalk narrowly missing people below. it was a strange and dangerous sight. a car hanging halfway out of a parking garage across the street from the moscone center. the south of market lunchtime crowd was atwitter. it happened on the fourth floor this. parking valet didn't want to talk on camera but said a fellow valet was helping a man
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whose battery was out. they were trying to push it into a parking spot from the middle of the aisle. the parking valet in the driver's seat the car other than pushing when everything went wrong. with the power out there's no brakes or steering. the only way to stop would have been to hit cars on each side. instead he kept rolling and rolling and jumped out at the last second. the car stopped and was suspended halfway out of the garage for an hour. two metal barriers crashed through glass and on the sidewalk of busy 3rd street blow. it's a miracle nobody was killed. >> your units went up to the fourth floor to ensure there was no one trapped or in the car. we secured the car with ropes and a piece of the parking structure to ensure that we would no longer have a collapse or any danger to the pedestrians down in the street. >> reporter: the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. firefighters pulled the car back into the garage and soma
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went back to work. the parking valet has minor leg injuries. his colleagues say he will be okay. joe vazquez cbs 5. parts of southern california are rattled by an earthquake this afternoon. magnitude 4.3 centered north of los angeles near the city of newhall. shaking felt throughout downtown l.a. and the west side. this is what it looked like on the seismograph from our sister station in los angeles. the quake hit just before 2 p.m. followed by an aftershock 3.0 about a half hour later. no reports of any damage or injuries. people in southern california were probably more impressed by the ocean. waves as high as 20 feet are pounding l.a. beaches. melissa maynarich reports that spectators are turning out to watch the action. >> reporter: only the most experienced are riding the
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wedge today. like tim kennedy, who says it's brutally big. did you get pounded today? >> yeah. oh, yeah, partly. on my last wave just hit bottom. that's why i came in. rooting my friends and then i'll go back out and have fun. >> reporter: the waves are averaging 10 to 12 feet but sets reached more than 20 feet high. >> this is an expert-only beach under these conditions. everybody needs to have the right equipment, need to have the knowledge and ability to be in the water in conditions like this. >> reporter: the captain says everyone in the water has been okayed to go in. body surfers must wear fins and since 10 a.m. no body boards or surf boards were allowed in the water part of a city ordinance to keep people safe. and on the shore? [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: it's estimated there are 3,000 spectators. >> get back because they're coming. they're pretty big and the ocean is pretty gnarly. >> reporter: you won't go in this water.
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too big. it's a young man's deal. i had my time. >> reporter: the water is at 25% more height. that combined with the shallow water makes for a dangerous but spectacular ride. >> it's a family of men out there. we do this every day. we love when it's like this. we live for this. and it's great. yeah, it's great until somebody gets hit in the head with a wave. >> it's all fun until the crying starts. >> was that david hasselhoff? [ laughter ] >> wow. >> maybe his cousin. >> looked like it. >> that beach facing directly due south the recipient of 20- foot swells but ocean beach facing due west, it's calm tonight there. however, for all of our south and southwest facing beaches, we will see building waves four to five feet. but the most notable feature in
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all of this that you have to be very mindful of is the rip current risk. it is extremely high and will remain on the high side all the way through the holiday weekend even though our skies will begin to cloud up. but right now it's clear. an currently numbers span from 85 degrees in concord to nearly 20 degrees cooler in oakland in the mid-70s in santa rosa. out and about temperatures from 57 to 87 degrees in livermore. the coast is clear. and we will have a starry night with numbers 50s and a few low 60s. high pressure there another one over there, we will have an offshore flow tomorrow. when this area of low pressure dips to the south, clouds return on saturday setting the stage for partial coastal clearing on labor day. otherwise, full sunshine and in the upper 80s seasonal inland. pinpoint forecast for friday 61 pacifica, 76 oakland, 80s and 90s a warmer day inland all the way up to 96 degrees in brentwood, otherwise check out the weekend.
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we see the return of the onshore push on saturday afternoon. temperatures go downward by sunday, hold steady on labor day and as you head back to work and school, we warm back up on tuesday and wednesday. dana, ken? >> all right, thanks, roberta. the monterey bay aquarium has added a new member a young male great white shark collected off the southern california coast near marina del ray. the young shark is about 4'7" long, weighs 43 pounds. staff members had initially transferred the shark it a four million gallon ocean tank in malibu for observation. the aquarium says that they hope visitors will get a better understanding of great white sharks. can nonprofits save california's famous state park system? that's the idea behind a law working its way through the state capital. it is a last-ditch plan to keep some of them open but as don ford tells us, not everyone agrees with this idea.
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>> reporter: california state parks are beautiful, home to many magnificent animals. but the state needs to save money. and the state parks took a $33 million cut to their budget. next year, the plan is to close 70 parks. >> we already need something an outlet to go to and this is close to home. it's a beautiful sight. you know? a lot of people would be hurt by that. >> reporter: assemblyman jared hoffman is sponsoring a bill that may help proposing to allow nonprofit organizations to take control of some of those parks scheduled to chose. >> we're trying to put a sensible tool on the table that, you know, in perhaps a dozen cases around the state can help keep parks open. >> reporter: his bill ab-42 passed unanimously in the assembly. in the senate everyone but two also passed it. senator lee was one of only two people who voted against it. >> i voted against that bill because it -- what that bill
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would have done is to turn our public resources our parks into a private entity. they will then have control over that particular park. >> i don't think any parks official in their right mind would let that happen. but there are ways to make sure that we have oversight and accountability to make sure it doesn't. >> reporter: the senate made some minor changes and sent it back to the assembly. ab-42 as it's known could make its way to the assembly floor as early as tomorrow. and considering the lack of opposition, it could be on the governor's desk early next week. in sacramento, don ford, cbs 5. take the pot, leave the gun. what led to a marijuana free for all on a bay area street? i'm mike sugerman. today eating gluten-free. not because i have to but i hear it helps make you feel better. the story coming up. and we are just about 40 minutes away from a cbs 5 sports special.
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still ahead we are going to preview the final 49ers preseason showdown. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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tipped over yesterday, spilling bags of a marijuana free for all in san jose. pickup truck tips over yesterday spilling bags of pot all over the road near oakridge mall. the driver ran off. instead of calling 911, bystanders decided to help clean up the mess by helping themselves to the marijuana. [ laughter ] >> when officers arrived, they found a loaded handgun and a few remaining bags of marijuana. first there was atkins, then south beach. now there's a new diet trend that some say takes the weight off and makes you feel better. as mike sugerman shows us, it involves giving up something
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that people usually only avoid if they're allergic. >> reporter: what is this, patrick schaefer having a beer? he can't drink beer. you know how his mom gets when she eats bread. >> intestinal discomfort. >> reporter: they have celiac disease triggered by gluten found in wheat, rye and barley. >> white corn flour bread. >> reporter: she runs a kitchen which serves her favorite venezuelan dishes, corn-based. they turned out without much trying to be gluten free anyway, various beers too. >> started to look more into what it meant to offer a gluten- free menu and realized that it was not hard for us. >> reporter: it's been good business. the recent survey found today that there are nearly five times as many people with celiac disease than during the 1950s and that it has doubled every 15 years, now one in
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every 133 people in the u.s. is believed affected. >> the pasta we haven't found yet a really good gluten-free pasta, we're still looking for that. only recently has she been diagnosed. but i'm sure they're out there. >> reporter: french laundry chef thomas keller just released a gluten-free flour to good reviews. there are a growing number of people who also have started the diet just to feel better and keep weight off like they used to do atkins though not all doctors say it's a good idea. not all gluten free food tastes like this but man, this is good. >> it's word of mouth. definitely a community that's growing. we have people that drive an hour and a half to come here to eat. >> reporter: numbers growing for both medical and weight issues, expect to find more such places. mike sugerman, cbs 5. coming up, the free ride is over for some bay area commuters. >> they make people pay $4 for
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parking. so it's kind of ridiculous. >> the big crackdown on parking scofflaws and the one trick that will be hard to stop. i'm juliette goodrich live in discovery bay. special honors lining the boulevard here. coming up, a tribute to those who gave their lives for our country. >> no questions asked, just drop it off, everything is forgiven. >> who would steal a walker from a special needs toddler? the cold-hearted crime that has a family pleading for help. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cracking down. anne he one parking trick caltrain riders who park at the station without paying may want to think twice. caltrain is cracking down. anne makovec on the one parking trick that may be difficult to stop. >> they make people pay $4 for parking. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: like it or not, people who don't pay for caltrain parking are getting punished. in the first half of this year, caltrain doubled the number of parking tickets it issued during the same period last year. 2144 in 2011. and only 988 in 2010.
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this guy got one of them. >> ironically i get a monthly parking pass. i just forgot that it was the start of the new month and had the old month one sitting there. >> a lot of people know caltrain is in tough financial times. one of the things they wanted to us do was generating more revenue. >> reporter: so they are focusing more on nabbing people who have gotten away with free parking in the past. it could be having people pay for their parking. it goes on at the ticket kiosk. you push daily parking and enter the space number where you park your car. that means if you paid the daily rate, you no longer have to have proof of purchase sitting in your dash. so sometimes later in the day, drivers will just pull into a spot assume somebody's already paid for that day. the system went into effect in 2009. drivers who took advantage during the first two years may now want to think twice. there are plenty of complaints about the system in general. >> it's atrociously unreliable. their machines work very
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rarely. >> reporter: the numbers on the spots are difficult to see. >> i don't think it's so complicated you can't figure out how to follow the law. >> reporter: in san carlos, anne makovec cbs 5. and caltrain has signed a five-year deal with transit america. the company will take over maintenance for caltrain and supply it with conductors and engineers. caltrain will pay them $400 million to take over the job from amtrak. today the senate passed two bills in response to last year's deadly pipeline blast in san bruno. the first one requires utilities to install automatic and remotely controlled shutoff valves on lines that cross earthquake faults or heavily populated areas. the second bill requires state utility regulators to set strict emergency response standards for natural gas operators. both bills will to governor brown's desk. a special tribute in discovery bay is lining the
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streets all to honor california's military members killed in the line of duty. juliette goodrich standing by in discovery bay with how it all came about. juliette. >> reporter: hi, ken. it's quite a fitting time especially before 9/11. behind me along the boulevard the banners line the streets. these goldstar parents very proud and it's quite a sight to see in the town of discovery bay. >> post-9/11 a date that we're coming up here to celebrate in 10 years just in another week or so, he came to me when he was 17 years old and said, dad, i want to go protect our country. >> reporter: a banner of army specialist joey graves and 25 other men and women from the bay area who gave their lives for our country line the streets of discovery bay. kevin graves reads his son's banner. >> joey was a selfless man who made the world better every place went and touched people in everywhere he went and he
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will always be remembered. all gave some, some gave all. >> reporter: graves says he raised his son as a single parent in discovery bay. after 9/11, he says joey wanted to serve his country. he was part of the army police deployed in 2005 and killed a year later july 25th, 2006. >> they were attacked brutally from all sides and joey was the only casualty that day. >> reporter: graves says he hopes one day there will be a banner for all of those who died for our country. he says for now, this is a start. >> we picked ones that were local here to the bay area. we thought it would be appropriate to have those represented here. our goal is to have -- sponsor a banner for of soldier in the bay area. there are about 15 more that aren't sponsored at this point. >> reporter: and so far there are 26 banners. to sponsor one they are $500 each. these banners traveled the country. they will be here in discovery
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bay through veterans day. juliette goodrich, cbs 5. a study finds that those who lived and worked near ground zero shortly after september 11th are more likely to get cancer. researchers found firefighters who worked at ground zero were 19% more likely to have cancer than those who didn't. 10,000 firefighters were studied in the first seven years after september 11th. >> the biggest surprise was that cancer was increased. actually when i started the study did not think it would be not at 7 years but that increase is real. >> not all support the study. some researchers say it takes decades to research such a conclusion. this week, federal officials said cancer is not one of the medical issues covered under a huge new compensation fund for september 11th victims. a plea for help tonight from a desperate alameda family. someone stole an expensive custom made walker of their
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special needs toddler. patrick sedillo on why the parents say it's not just about the money. >> reporter: crawling across the floor in her alameda home, cambria hurst is a handful for dad daniel but it's all she can do to crawl because she can't walk. >> she has a microdeletion on one of her chromosomes so the result of that is that it's a lot of developmental delays. are you ready spaghetti? >> reporter: he bought his daughter a specialized walker two months ago. >> in this walker she can be part of it an active participant in life. >> reporter: but on sunday night, in the blink of an eye -- >> the walker was gone. >> reporter: time is of the essence because the walker was special ordered and made, daniel can't just run to the local target and pick up another one. >> it's not the money. it's the time it takes. cambria needs it now. she wants to walk today. developmentally, there is a window period where you can attain these skills. and then it slowly disappears. >> reporter: alameda police are
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asking the public for help. >> something like this that helps a special needs child adapt to the world, it's something we would like to find very, very much. >> when she can do something in return, like i put my tongue out at her, and her little tongue goes poke, and it is just 1,000 sunrises. >> reporter: if you have any idea who might have taken the walker and how to reunite her with it alameda police want to hear from you. reporting from alameda, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. >> maybe we can keep that story in the news for the next couple of days. we'll do updates on it and make sure she gets back what belongs to her. a sneaky way for hackers to steal your money. how your body heat can give away your atm p.i.n. number. >> your computer skills get greatly enhanced but your flying skills g rusty. >> what some pilots make them addicted to that can make them forget how to fly. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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researchers at u-c san diego say the residual heat your f fter using an no matter what your atm p.i.n. number is hackers have found a new way to steal it. researchers at uc-san diego say the residual heat that your fingers leave behind after using an atm can all be captured by an infrared camera. here's an image of a pin pad which clearly shows the four numbers that were pressed. all right. so what can you do? remember to take your card and hit exit. the pin is use less without your atm card. inmates in california's prisons often complain that they have a difficult time making phone calls to friends, family and lawyers. now one company is promising to make it easier but on the consumerwatch, julie watts reports some consumers are complaining of hangups. >> reporter: rebecca allen has good reasons for signing up with cons call home. her son is in state prison and
6:40 pm
cons call home advertises 80% phone calls from any lockup in the state. >> he has to call me. >> reporter: so back in marx allen paid the company $44 for 100 minutes of service. but she quickly found out the voice over internet protocol system didn't work. at least not at her son's prison in susanville. >> i tried and it was refused. >> reporter: when allen asked for a refund the company said it would only return some of her money. it was keeping $19.50 as a setup fee. >> i notified them within two hours that i was not able to use the service. >> i'm just outraged. >> reporter: this telecommunications attorney says allen got a raw deal. >> either the service works or doesn't work. if it doesn't they sudden refund them totally. >> reporter: we found lots of similar stories online and the company has a d-rating from the better business bureau. nussbaum says part of the problem is that so-called voip
6:41 pm
systems like cons call home don't always work in conjunction with the phone system already in place in some prisons. >> they don't tell people that on the front end. >> reporter: another problem, the pay phone call system in the nation's prisons is a largely unregulated system. cons call home's parent company says its contract clearly states the setup fee is nonrefundable and all refunds are at the full discretion of the company. what about allen's partial refund. i think i talked to everybody in their company. >> reporter: it's now been 12 weeks and it's still not arrived. >> they don't make it easy. >> reporter: cons call home says it does have many satisfied customers but allen is not one of them. she is planning to file a complaint with the state's public utilities commission. remember, if you have a consumer problem, give us a call 1-888-5-helps-u or head to and click "connect." >> julie watts, thank you. how safe are you in the air? what's going on in the cockpit
6:42 pm
that some say is causing pilots to forget how to fly? and we definitely have surf up here in the bay area. what you need to know about the labor day forecast coming up. and one more preseason game to go the 9ers back at it again tonight. check the game right here on cbs 5 in about 15 minutes. and what happens when the baby giraffe meets a real-life baby giraffe? brandon belt having fun on his day off. i'll tell you where the meeting took place. that and more coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dependent on c a new report suggests the nation's commercial airline pilots are becoming too depend dependent on computers and less skilled at flying a plane. it says pilots rely too much on auto pilot systems that can control the flight. it is sometimes called automation addiction. >> they are getting rusty as a result of this? >> yeah, because what happens is you don't actually hand-fly or manipulate the controls. >> several recent airline
6:46 pm
crashes have been blamed on pilots for getting key procedures during an emergency. it could be worse because of the way younger pilots are being trained on sophisticated aircraft. five days after hurricane irene, floodwaters continue to linger across the northeast. much of downtown paterson, new jersey is still under water. today some business owners were able to see how much damage was left behind. meanwhile, hundreds of people will have to stay in shelters until the raging passaic river subsides. president obama visits paterson on sunday. the federal government is promising financial aid. damage from irene could top $7 billion. >> still a mess there. >> certainly is. we have been watching tropical storm katia out in the middle nowhere right now. but the track wants to bring it towards the coast of florida by next week, the beginning of next week perhaps. it's uncertain at this time but we are keeping a watchful eye on that as well as your
6:47 pm
forecast. this is a live cbs 5 weather camera. notice the haze in the air? that's why we have a "spare the air" in effect for friday the second day of the month of september. compare that now with this. and what do you notice? the coast is clear. you will be able to see sunshine at 7: 43. we don't have a watch or advisory in place but surf is up. waves four to six feet at tops by the weeken rip current risk high over the weekend as we begin to cloud up towards the coast. we have those westerlies at 20. but it's a storm a half a world away that's causing these long- period swells to affect us here in northern california. right now temperatures from 57 in pacifica to 87 degrees in concord. a good 30-degree span. we have the numbers from 57 at the coast through the 60s bayside, breezy westerlies at 22. looks like tonight clear skies
6:48 pm
overnight, 50s and 60s. what do you notice by this map right here? watch the clock go by. you don't see anything going on at all. that's because we have an offshore flow albeit short- lived. the clouds are returning to the bay area on saturday due that area of low pressure. once the clouds roll in on saturday, they remain with us at the beaches through labor day. so enjoy the brief warmup for friday. temperature-wise 70 at the beaches in half moon bay. 93 in morgan hill. east bay numbers into the 90s. 96 degrees outside number in brentwood, antioch, tracy and in oakley. as we wrap around to the north, 83 in napa bested by sonoma at 90. 86 in santa rosa. and san francisco average high is 69. forecasting 70 degrees. the extended forecast does call for the return of the onshore push on saturday afternoon. that will result in cooler temperatures at the beaches through sunday. and then on tuesday of next week after we return from the
6:49 pm
labor day holiday, temperatures go back up. that is your pinpoint forecast. ken? >> thank you. it would bring jobs, big names and world class concerts all to a part of the bay area known to music lovers but some neighbors are not all singing the same tune. tonight at 10 on the cw and 11:00 on cbs 5, what some don't like about becoming a music mecca. we'll be right back. ,,
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the best way to get over a loss, is to hit the field again quickly... the a's finished up good a 9ers preseason game coming up in a few minutes but gary has baseball and football coming up. the best way to get over a loss is to hit the field again quickly. the as finished up at midnight in cleveland after 16ics and were back at it just 12 hours later after 16 innings. they are in the football spirited. the ketchup dog knocks down the mustard dog. gonzalez 5-0 against cleveland for the career. as win 7-0 and avoid a four- game sweep. huge series for the giants
6:53 pm
a huge one head to head with the d back starting tomorrow here at at&t park. arizona leads by six games and some feel the giants need to sweep the d-backs or the fans will give up on the season. >> you don't want to lose out. >> not when you brought them a world championship after 54 years. you want them to stay on your side but at the same time, if i'm sitting in the stands watching the same thing for 30 days, i mean, i blew my tv during stunned against the nfl if my team is not -- during sunday against the nfl if my team isn't playing well. you don't want to know. cowboys. >> that will play well here if you boo your team. [ laughter ] >> how about that. a hidden cowboys jersey. ouch. now the cute portion of the sportscast. by now, everyone knows brandon belt's nickname is baby
6:54 pm
giraffe. today he met one in vallejo. see the resemblance? i see it in the eyes. the calf was born last friday and stands over 6 feet tall and will eventually grow 18 feet. >> u.s. top tennis serena williams playing a day after her sister pulled out. taking on michaela krajicek. she won easily. roger federer won in straight sets. federer a three seed is looking for his sixth open title. how about this. juan carlos ferrero won his match in five sets. the match lasted nearly five hours in front of 10,000 in new york. good stuff. nfl now. the raiders kick off their final preseason game tomorrow up in seattle.
6:55 pm
the raiders. >> raiders. >> reunion with three former raiders miller, gallery and tom cable who is now the seahawks offensive line coach. oak was stomped by the saints on sunday -- oakland was stomped by the saints on sunday which means the starters will play more in tomorrow's game. the head coach called it another dress rehearsal. the raiders have three losses in the preseason. >> i just lay him back and go off. stay away from him. scared me a little bit. >> i have said this before. i don't get a chance to work out anymore. that's what got me on edge. not being able to work out and go down and stream and yell with the boys. >> titans runningback is a holdout no longer. johnson signed $53.5 million deal, 30 million guaranteed. yeah. johnson is one of six players to run for over 2,000 yards in a season. the 49ers and chargers are minutes away from kickoff right
6:56 pm
here on cbs 5. dennis o'donnell and tim ryan are standing by in san diego. >> reporter: hello from san diego. dennis o'donnell with tim ryan and we have been with jim harbaugh in production meetings. so far in the preseason, difficult guy to gauge to figure out. we don't even know who will be playing tonight what do you think jim harbaugh's expectations are of himself? >> i think jim expects to be competitive no question about it. they are going to be strong on defense. their offensive line will be good. they are going to be able to run the football. so i think when you look in this division and you look at the nfc west and it is no question, wide open, i believe in a team that wins eight games is going to win the division so jim expects to be competitive. >> he hasn't said the word play- off that i have heard so far. >> why would? he we're in week 4 of the preseason. jim -- it's the way he went about this whole thing. he is blue collar one day at a time and one meeting to the next so he keeps everybody in
6:57 pm
the dark about what his anticipation is but i know he expects to be competitive. that's the guy he is. >> we don't know who will start tonight so that's a good tease, gary gelfand, to stay tuned. the 49ers and chargers preseason finale coming up. >> thanks. can't wait for that in a couple of minutes. i want to finish with this. showed you some of this last night. when you're an mvp contender you can get away with this. it is ryan braun of milwaukee and he thinks he has an inside- the-park home run but is running so fast that his feet get in the way. he goes down, took a breather and then tagged out. milwaukee lost. reggie miller hanging out there in the stands with the brewers shirt on. that's an embarrassing moment and we had to show it again because people are showing this all over the nation shown at least a dozen times. i'm going to show it all night long. >> it happens in little league every week. >> it tripped over the baseline.
6:58 pm
>> the chalk was too thick. >> get a little ahead of himself. >> and he was laughing about it. >> we can laugh with him. >> couldn't keep up with the momentum. sit back and relax, enjoy the game. see you at 10:00 and the cw, 11:00 on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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